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Brisa's Fic Journal
23 April 1989
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Hi there! You've reached the fanbase journal for akaeoko! Please look at my personal journal's info if you want to know about me.

I take requests! I am best at yaoi, but I can do yuri and het too. I am not very good with threesomes+ and don't really enjoy them, but they are not unwelcome. If you would like to ask me about a pairing/fandom before requesting [because my fandoms and pairings are certainly not all listed here], you can drop me a line via AIM or MSN.

If you are wondering why I chose this SN and where I got it, here's the story; I took it from a quote in Kingdom Hearts II from Seifer. "That was undeniable proof that I owned you lamers." I was originally going to use this journal for RP or something, but then I realised I didn't think I'd ever really RP Seifer. And I needed a fic journal. So there you go.

Despite the LJ name, I am not an elitest bitch and I will not own you. I am friendly and nice. You can even drop me a line via AIM or MSN and I'll happily chat with you. :D

Feel free to friend this journal if you'd like to keep track of my writings. I will friend you back so that your poor FLists aren't disturbed with the balance or whatever. I don't have any Friends Only posts, other than my beta filter.

Speaking of which, if you're interested in beta'ing for me, I am always open to new betas. I like people who will look at my spelling and grammar, but more importantly, I like betas who comment on what sounds good, what sounds bad, and comment on my plot ideas and characterization. I constantly worry about whether or not my plot is ok, I like to hear about what works. I don't like it when people go "OMG WTF WERE YOU THINKING?" though. Be nice please. So if you're interested in beta'ing for me, drop me a line via AIM or MSN. I like to know people before I let them beta my fics. :)

→ Balto+Jenna
→ Steele+Balto
→ Steele+Jenna
→ Steele+The White Wolf

Eternal Arcadia
→ Vyse+Aika
→ Aika+Fina
→ Vyse+Fina
→ Gilder+Vyse

Fullmetal Alchemist
→ Aphonse+Edward
→ Alfons+Edward
→ Kimblee+Hughes
→ Roy+Edward
→ Riza+Winry

Invader ZIM
→ GIR+Mini Moose
→ GIR+Pig

Kingdom Hearts
→ Axel+Roxas
→ Axel+Demyx
→ Zexion+Demyx
→ Axel+Jack Sparrow
→ Riku+Sora
→ Roxas+Sora

Megaman X
→ Zero+X
→ Zero+Iris

Petite Princess Yucie
→ Yucie+Ark
→ Yucie+Glenda
→ Ark+Frederick
→ Beth+Cocoloo

Pirates of the Caribbean
→ Jack Sparrow+Anna Maria
→ Jack Sparrow+Tia Dalma
→ Jack Sparrow+Elizabeth Swann