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Master List [April 23rd, 2023]
[ mood | cheerful ]

☆☆☆ C u r r e n t C l a i m s ☆☆☆

☆01☆ → Kingdom Hearts: Axel+Roxas → 30_forbiddenTheme List
☆02☆ → Kingdom Hearts: Hayner+Roxas → 1sentenceTheme List
☆03☆ → Kingdom Hearts: Seifer+Roxas → 5sentence_ficsTheme List
☆04☆ → Kingdom Hearts: Axel+Roxas → 30_dreamsTheme List
☆05☆ → Kingdom Hearts: Axel+Roxas → 1sentenceTheme List
☆06☆ → Kingdom Hearts: Axel+Sora → 20_1sttimesTheme List
☆07☆ → Phoenix Wright: Diego Armando+Mia Fey → 30randomkissesTheme List
☆08☆ → Phoenix Wright: Godot → 1sentenceTheme List

☆1☆pedosaurus → Kingdom Hearts: Axel+Roxas → 20lovesTheme List

☆☆☆ M a s t e r L i s t ☆☆☆

Previously written ficsCollapse )

☆☆☆ M a k e A R e q u e s t ☆☆☆

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[June 27th, 2008]
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The Alphabet Drabble Meme [Requests] [December 9th, 2007]
[ mood | blah ]

|| The Alphabet Drabble Meme ||

[Themes] 0/26

Below is a listing of the alphabet. Please comment with a letter of your choice (that has yet to be chosen), a word that starts with that letter, and a character or fandom pairing. I will then write a 100-word drabble from the word and pairing you choose.

Three requests per person.

|| Fandoms || Phoenix Wright, Skies of Arcadia, Kingdom Hearts, Ergo Proxy, Megaman X, Queer as Folk, Fullmetal Alchemist, others. . . most likely you know them.

A →
B → BabylonQueer as Folk/Kingdom Hearts → Brian/Roxas → pedosaurus
C → CuriousErgo Proxy → Vincent/RE-L → akushiba
D → DeviousOuran → Kyouya/Tamaki → typosexual
E → EatingRL/Kingdom Hearts → Me/Roxas → vivider
F →
G → GlassesOuran → Kyouya/Mori → akushiba
H → HOLD IT!Phoenix Wright → Godot → vivider
I → ImaginationErgo Proxy → Raul Creed → akushiba
J →
K → KittenFullmetal Alchemist → Ed/Al → vivider
L → LinguisticDeath Note → L → typosexual
M → ManicPhoenix Wright → Godot/Mia → grimgrizzly
N →
O →
P →
Q →
R →
S → Shirley TemplePhoenix Wright → Phoenix/Edgeworth → grimgrizzly
T → TechnologyKingdom Hearts → Axel/Roxas → pedosaurus
U →
V → VolcanoKingdom Hearts → Axel/Roxas → grimgrizzly
W →
X →
Y →
Z →

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1sentence Alpha Theme Set [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas] [November 12th, 2007]
[ mood | accomplished ]

[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Theme] 1sentence Alpha Theme Set Master List
[Genre] General, everything.
[Ratings] G-NC-17. Watch out for smex.
[Spoilers] None really, unless you haven't finished KH2. [who hasn't? o.O;]
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] pedosaurus
[A/N] I really fucking hate the potatoes prompt. Anyway, yeah. I took wayyy too long to do these, forgot about it for a long time, had health issues [when do I not. ):], and I'm not quite into KH anymore. Phoenix Wright pretty much blew that fandom out, but not enough for it to be TOTALLY dead at least. So I'll probably keep writing these two. But it takes a lot of UNF for me to really want to. x.x; YEAH WELL ANYWAY ENJOY THE SENTENCES K BAI.

In normal circumstance, Axel would have thought that what he was doing with the blond would have granted him a one-way ticket to hell; but he was a Nobody, and there was no hell for non-existent beings.Collapse )

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1sentence Master Theme Table [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas] [November 12th, 2007]
[ mood | blah ]

[Community] 1sentence
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Themes] 1/5 Sets

Theme TableCollapse )

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Shall I Teach You A Lesson? [Phoenix Wright, Godot+Phoenix, Request] [November 12th, 2007]
[ mood | bouncy ]

[Title] Shall I Teach You A Lesson?
[Fandom] Phoenix Wright [YOU HERD ME.]
[Pairing] Godot+Phoenix
[Request] Phoenix Wright Kink Meme, "Godot/Phoenix, spanking, possibly rimming. Feenie didn't know he had a pretty serious spanking kink. Godot suspected, and is generally a smarmy bastard about it."
[Genre] Spankey smut.
[Summary] Phoenix gets a surprise, or two.
[Word Count] 860
[Spoilers] None!
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] pedosaurus
[A/N] OH WOW I WROTE SOME PHOENIX WRIGHT. Yeah, I waited too long before diving into the fandom. I've loved PW for SO LONG but never got into the fandom until just now. What the hell is wrong with me? Well, whatever. FIRST TIME WRITING GODOT BTW. I think I like him. Nom noms.

What, are you going to oppose me?Collapse )

Posted@Kink Memeowninglamers
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I Can't Drive With My Gear Shift In Your Ass [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas, Request] [November 1st, 2007]
[Title] I Can't Drive With My Gear Shift In Your Ass
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Request] Kingdom Hearts Kink Meme, "sex in a car, with roxas using the gear stick in a way WHICH HE TOTALLY SHOULDN'T!!"
[Genre] Smut. :D
[Rating] NC-17 for penis buttsex and gear shift buttsex.
[Summary] Axel and Roxas get it on in the car, but the gearshift happens to be painfully poking the blond in the butt.
[Word Count] 1493
[Spoilers] None lolzzz.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] typosexual
[A/N] God, I'm writing like a maniac lately. ~1500 words per fic? wtf. What happened to ye old ~300? lol XD Kinda happy I'm writing more though 8D

Hey baby, what's up?Collapse )

Posted@Kink Memeowninglamers
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The Unexpected Guest [Kingdom Hearts, Riku+Roxas, Request] [October 29th, 2007]
[ mood | cheerful ]

[Title] The Unexpected Guest
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Riku+Roxas
[Request] Kingdom Hearts Kink Meme, "Coming in one's pants."
[Genre] Smut-ish. :D
[Rating] R for cock rubbing!
[Summary] Riku comes looking for Sora, who is on vacation, whilst Roxas stays home.
[Word Count] 1684
[Spoilers] None lolzzz.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] pedosaurus
[A/N] Wow. This pairing isn't something I thought I'd like, but lol. The prompt hit me and I like it. Although, I wrote it all in one go and I kind of feel rushed at the end because I really wanted to go to sleep and I had long since lost my muse. XD Oh wow, crazy tiems though. I might write more of these two.

What is this, an interrogation??Collapse )

Posted@Kink Memeowninglamers
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REQUESTS: Open [October 28th, 2007]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm taking requests once again! Here's how it works; you make a request, and if I feel up to it, I'll complete it. All completed requests will be posted in an entirely new post, by itself, and will be listed in the master list of fics.

The only reason for me to do this is if I don't like the pairing, prompt, or otherwise.
If I do reject it, I'll tell you why and give you a chance to revise your request.

To make a request please fill out the following and post it in a comment:

Right now I am willing to write for the following fandoms: Ergo Proxy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Magna Carta, Megaman X, MYST, Petite Princess Yucie, Phoenix Wright, Pirates of the Caribbean,Queer as Folk, Skies of Arcadia, Wolf's Rain. Want a fandom not listed? Feel free to ask me if I know it/will write it.

I am willing to write Het, Yaoi or Yuri. If you want a specific kink, feel free to throw it at me as a prompt.

WTF is "other"? That's where you tell me some more specifics. Do you what the characters to be in a romantic or friendly relationship? Are you dead set on receiving porn from me? Or do you not even want porn at all? Let me know please.

You may request from me as many times as you want, but please please please put them in different comments! Thank you.

Notes to self:
→ Watch Ergo Proxy again and fill out Jorby's request. Stat.

Axel/Roxas buttplug kink
Riku/Axel Aphrodesiacs
Seifer/Hayner non-con struggle bat
Axel/Roxas masturbating lolz.
Seifer/Hayner misuse of ice cream already filled
Naru/Mitsu rape recovery already filled
Miles/Phoenix breath play
Godot/Maya Channeling Mia.
Godot/Feenie Visorless Godot

Gyakuten Saiban Kink Meme
Kingdom Hearts Kink Meme
Phoenix Wright Kink Meme

The Alphabet Drabble Meme!
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5sentence_fics Table One, Set Three [Kingdom Hearts, Seifer+Roxas] [October 16th, 2007]
[ mood | blank ]

[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Seifer+Roxas
[Theme] 5sentence_fics Table One, Set Three Master List
[Genre] General
[Ratings] G - NC-17
[Spoilers] None! :D
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] pedosaurus
[A/N] wtf @ this pairing, lmfao! It was kind of hard to get back into, I guess. >.< But yeah. . . Uh. I had a hard time writing this not to be all smut! I'm such a perv. Oh well. GTFO.

Roxas had Hayner, Pence and Olette to go back to anyway.Collapse )

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I Need You [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas, 30_forbidden #29 Need] [October 16th, 2007]
[ mood | lonely ]

[Title] I Need You
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Theme] 30_forbidden #29, Need. Theme List
[Genre] Angsty smut for the lulz.
[Rating] R for masturbation?
[Summary] Roxas has left and Axel's lonely.
[Word Count] 1425
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] pedosaurus
[A/N] Holy shit! I wrote something, o.m.f.g. I liked the idea but I'm a bit ashamed of the outcome. ): I've been really depressed lately and I think I put too much of that in my fic. Whoops! Oh well. Also, I lost my italics and I am too lazy to fix it.

'Axel!' he knew that tone of voice. . .Collapse )

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Emotions As They Should Never Be [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas, 20loves Table 1, Theme 01] [March 10th, 2007]
[ mood | accomplished ]

[Title] Emotions As They Should Never Be
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Theme] 20loves Table 1, Theme 01 Theme List
[Genre] Roleplay; Dabbles between angst and fluff, but most definitely smutty! 8D
[Rating] NC-17.
[Summary] Axel shows Roxas what he feels.
[Word Count] 6256
[Spoilers] I don't. . . Think so. o.O;
[Author] Axel → akaeokopedosaurus ← Roxas
[A/N] This is a roleplay between two people. I am too lazy for any more notes. Enjoy, comment if you wish. 8D Axel is in red, and Roxas is in blue.

'I’m showing you. . . ,' he said between kisses. '. . . What I feel.'Collapse )

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20loves Master Theme List [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas] [March 10th, 2007]
[ mood | determined ]

[Community] 20loves
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Themes] 1/20 prompts, 0/2 tables
[Notes] All prompts are one-shots from various different settings, from canon to complete AUs.

This is a collaboration, written in RolePlay Form.
Axel is played by akaeoko (me) and Roxas is played by pedosaurus.

Theme TablesCollapse )
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Solutions Without Answers [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas, 30_forbidden #23 Numb] [January 8th, 2007]
[ mood | depressed ]

[Title] Solutions Without Answers
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Theme] 30_forbidden #23, Numb. Theme List
[Genre] Angst, lawl.
[Rating] PG.
[Summary] The pain is so numbing it can't be felt.
[Word Count] 221
[Spoilers] Only if you don't know that Roxas leaves. OOPS.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] tehdrama
[A/N] Ugh. I don't really have words for this one. I'm so depressed lately, but I'm also on mood stabilizers. It almost feels like I can't feel, and it hurts. This one's kind of from the heart. Too bad Axel doesn't have one. Comments are loved.

A solution without answers wasn't good enough.Collapse )

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1sentence Beta Theme Set [Kingdom Hearts, Hayner+Roxas] [January 3rd, 2007]
[ mood | sick ]

[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Hayner+Roxas
[Theme] 1sentence Beta Theme Set Master List
[Genre] Everything + your mother.
[Ratings] G-NC-17. Ohnoes, adult themes!
[Spoilers] Alll over the place. If you've gotten past the 3 hour tutorial in KH2, I think you're set.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] pedosaurus FOR THE WIN
[A/N] First of all. Ugh. I'm so sorry I took so long on this set. @_@ I have some Axel/Roxas ones on the way as well. I've been so busy lately, and I've been in and out of the hospital. I was in a mental hospital and they refused to let me have a writing utensil [because ONOEZ I CAN KILL SOMEONE WITH IT, ROAR] so I didn't get anything written during my stay. A lot of these sentences are half-assed and sappy. :< BUT I HOPE U LIEK THEM ANYWAY. lmfao. COMMENT IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU. I might come after you with a pencil or something.

It was over; it was done; it was gone - everything Roxas knew had been destroyed by his own hand - keyblade - and yet, this wasn’t the first time he’d be leaving his life behind in search of a new one.Collapse )

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20_1sttimes Master Theme List [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Sora] [December 15th, 2006]
[ mood | awake ]

[Community] 20_1sttimes
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Sora
[Themes] Themes 0/20, Tables 0/2

Theme TableCollapse )

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Intangible Memory [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas, 30_dreams #07, purple; colour] [November 22nd, 2006]
[Title] Intangible Memory
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Theme] 30_dreams #07, purple; colour. Theme List
[Genre] General, I guess. I think this is kind of angsty. :X
[Rating] PG
[Summary] Roxas dreams of Axel's face.
[Word Count] 357
[Spoilers] None
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] jorgan
[A/N] . . . HOLY SHIT ON A COW. Haw haw, I ran this through my beta and. There are no mistakes. LOL I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF I should have a medal. Anyway, so yeah. Written first person, Roxas' POV. I think I'm going to do my whole 30_dreams this way. o: Challenging, but interesting. Yus. COMMENT IF YOU LIKE, because I live for comments. :D

Intangible. Just like the rest of this dream - this memory?Collapse )

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30_dreams Master Theme List [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas] [November 22nd, 2006]
[ mood | determined ]

[Community] 30_dreams
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Themes] 01/30

Theme ListCollapse )

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5sentence_fics Table One, Set Five [Kingdom Hearts, Seifer+Roxas] [November 6th, 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Seifer+Roxas
[Theme] 5sentence_fics Table One, Set Five Master List
[Genre] General
[Ratings] G - Light R [Situations without intense description.]
[Spoilers] None. o:
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersakaeoko ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] mirroredsakura
[A/N] Uhm. My muses went haywire last night; Hayner was seme for once in his life, Axel wanted to be fatherly [holy shit I killed that good], and obviously in these fics Roxas is shy. Wtf @ that. Other than that, I think they're okay. ._. I wrote at 4:30 AM if that says anything. AND HOLY SHIT, HAS IT BEEN LONG ENOUGH SINCE I WROTE A FIC?? Comment please because they are delicious~ :9

There’s an obvious attraction between the both of them, they both know it; yet, Roxas is too shy and Seifer is too arrogant to acknowledge it for what it is.Collapse )

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Merging Pieces [Kingdom Hearts, Axel+Roxas, 30_forbidden #30 Close] [October 14th, 2006]
[ mood | accomplished ]

[Title] Merging Pieces
[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Axel+Roxas
[Theme] 30_forbidden #30, Close. Theme List
[Genre] General, a little bit fluffy and a little bit sad. [again pfft.]
[Rating] PG
[Summary] Axel's thoughts wander as Roxas naps on top of him.
[Word Count] 243
[Spoilers] None, I think.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersbludhavens ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] jorgan
[A/N] Liek wau, I have been doing so much RP lately I haven't written anything. I am currently working on #02, Sweets. . . It's smut and I am always really slow with that kinda stuff. LMAO. This took me less than half an hour, and I am quite fond of it. I hope you like it too. And if you do, I hope you COMMENT! :D

It was as if he was afraid of letting go, forever pulling Axel closer and closer until the space between them was none.Collapse )

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